2015 Bye Falecia, Hello 2016


A few truths I learned, some the easy way and most the hard way, over the past year {2015}.

  1. My best ideas are not the most realistic. I once woke up and told my husband that we needed to sell all our possessions and hit the road full-time with our four beauties in our travel trailer. I was preaching this idea for a solid two weeks to him. I’d call in the middle of his work day, most notably during meetings.  “Is there an emergency?” He’d whisper.  “Um, well no, BUT babe, we could live in a RV park by the beach. They actually have RV parks on the beach.  Real families really live there, I’ve researched it!  What do you think?”  Silence. Dead. Silence. And then an audible click, followed by the dial tone.  Praise God my husband is both sane and realistic and knows that his wife would not survive in 900 sq ft with six people and only one bathroom the size of suitcase.  I shudder thinking about a life with nothing but rv toilet paper.
  2. Self-love is essential. You can get so caught up in being everything to everyone that you burn out, stay in bed for two weeks convinced you have a major illness, which is really a Netflix addiction, and after a bing-athon of seven seasons of SOA you believe you really are a MC, who’s done time, and is married to Jax Teller. Take little moments for yourself, don’t be this me.
  3. You can be anything you want to be—even if you change your mind 47 times (a trainer, yoga instructor, hairstylist, make-up artist, fashion designer, therapist, astronaut, lawyer, acupuncturist, guru, writer, etc) in one year. And sometimes, it’s okay to just be a mama and wife.  You are not less than because you don’t have a career outside the home.  Just make sure that you have a reliable partner, who has miles of patience, a sharp mind, good career, and he’s able to love a passionate, smart-mouthed, and sometimes dramatic woman, who has a wild imagination.

And I learned that some things remained the same…

  1. I am still a procrastinator, actually I was appointed Queen of procrastination in 2015. I’m so efficient at it that I could probably become a gazillonaire hosting seminars on it. My headline would be…How to start a load of laundry, forget about it for two days, and repeat this cycle with the same load for the next two weeks. I’m thankful my washing machine cannot talk, otherwise I’d live in fear of the horror stories it could tell, the threats it could make. Sadly, it’s re-washed more forgotten loads versus regular loads this past year. I’m still holding out for a laundry fairy. *fingers crossed
  2. My best friends are still the greatest.  These women helped me keep my sanity, when life convinced me I was losing it. (Let’s just be Thelma and Louise, no?”)  They helped me to win every argument against anyone.  (Yes, you were totally justified.  No doubt.  **even when I was dead wrong.) They helped me laugh at myself.  (Some stories are never meant to be told again. Ever.) They loved me through a hard, emotional year.  They gave my spirit shelter and defined that they are in it for the long haul.  (When our sanity is gone, and we are rocking together outside the nursing home laughing at the wind.)
  3. Laughter is a cure-all, mostly.  Random fact #278, it makes you live longer.  The next pointless argument you have with someone, stop in the middle of it, say something random (I have an obsession with leopard…underwear) and then laugh, commit to the kind of laugh that takes your breath away, becomes funnier and funnier by each second, you start snorting, you’re bending at the hips trying to catch your breath, your eyes start leaking, tears racing down your face.  And it ends with you gasping.  Yep, that kind of laugh.  When you look back, most arguments and times you felt upset were not worth the energy.  Use that energy to live longer.  Laugh.  Hard.

Here’s to 2016…

I hope to concoct more ingenious escapades that make my husband laugh, grin, and slightly worry.  I’m currently set on being a professional drummer.  We’ll see how that one goes over.

I hope to make more memories with our daughters, to teaching them values, to helping them flourish.

I hope to be more selfless, to be happier and giving, and forcing myself to believe in my own abilities and dreams.

I hope to make other’s laugh, to find the solace in sentiment, and to celebrate those I love with profound abundance.

May your 2016 be your best year yet.

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.  I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks your wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art and somewhere in the next year, I hope you surprise yourself.”  –Neil Gaiman




Author: Sarah Black

I'm a self-professed 'Drama Mama'...of four daughters, I blog to (over)share my stories on learning to maintain my sanity by strictly eating laughter in the emotional land of motherhood while trying to keep my husband from running away from the sheer amount of estrogen flooding our house.

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    1. I will forever cherish our YouTube moment! (Sometimes, it’s worth nearly throwing up for the sake of laughter.) “Vi whisllller es brah-oken” Love, Inga!

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