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I am Mama (Mother, Mom, Ma, and Mommy) to four daughters, who I irrevocably and unapologetically refer to as the beauties.


The Flock of Beauties


To adults and the internets, I’m Sarah Black…a 29 year old wife and mother who has been told nearly all my life that I am a smidge dramatic…and finally after years of utter denial, I’ve accepted it.

 I am a Drama Mama.


And obviously, Jesus knew drama was my calling.

Ahem, four daughters:  We. Own. Drama. In. This. House.  (This is where you start praying for my husband, he needs it something fierce, because prayer is the only answer against my Army of Estrogen.)


Right there, smack dab in the middle of the beauties, is Travis, my husband, father of my daughters, and the only male soul (aside from our dog, Camo) in the Black house. He hides his “I’m petrified daily face” well, no?

So let’s breakdown this whole “Drama Mama” title.

drama  /ˈdrɑːmə/ noun. a situation or sequence of events that is highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent  

If (you are a mother) can say that motherhood is not described in perfection by the above definition, we can’t be friends.

It’s widely accepted to fear or disassociate yourself with drama.  Just type in ‘drama’ on Google.  It has a bad rep.  But if we’re all being honest, drama has always been present in the midst of every beautiful moment in life.  It has a way of filling, smothering, and beating outside the lines of our expectations, layering that upon the journey of motherhood, and life becomes an outright beautiful mess of the extraordinary.

“What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.”
― Alfred Hitchcock

This blog is about sharing, confessing, and celebrating my beautiful mess: the characters that fuel my inspiration, my family, and the drama that ensues on our journey…

So if you’re not terrified of drama, stay…we’re soon to be friends.