Karate Kid

Everyone, including kids, need goals.



I love that the girls’ school is promoting art work centered around a goal versus a resolution for 2016.  Because we all know, as adults, that resolutions are really just a “to do” list for the front half of January…(Cue sound of hopes and dreams plane falling out of sky, dramatically crashing, then bursting into flames–yep, those were all my resolutions on January 8th.)

(Confession: I’ve drunk 98 sodas since I pledged to give up soda on Jan 1. and I’ve yelled at the children…things like: DO NOT THROW YOUR SISTER HEAD FIRST INTO THE COUCH, YOU’LL BREAK HER NECK!!!  IF YOU ARE GOING TO THROW HER, THROW THIS WAY…when I also said I am no longer a yeller on Jan 1, too.)

Resolutions are a bane.  They don’t deserve to exist.

Now goals, I can work with those.  You can start a goal on January 8th, March 3rd, July 21st, December 31st…see where I’m going with this?

It’s mentally acceptable to start a goal at anytime versus a resolution that blooms on January 1st and then said resolution experiences a freeze less than two weeks later, shrivels and dies.

You’re probably wondering, where is this going…

Sorry, for some reason, I woke up deeply despising resolutions.  And that I have no willpower against a fizzing Coca Cola, or a warm chocolate chip-oatmeal raisin-sugar-macadamia nut-just any flavor cookie fresh out of the oven.

This past week, when I dug through Amelia’s backpack and found her goal artwork, it made me cry real tears and filled me with hope, while pushing out a healthy, hearty laugh too.

First, I think she is growing up to be the coolest chick ever.

“I wt to tech pepl krote.” Says the caricature above, highlighted with long eyelashes and red lips… 

Second, she is the most uncoördinated child I’ve ever met.  She’s so clumsy that it might be the most endearing thing about her…

But regardless of stereotypes and blundering limbs, there she is ready to teach people some legit Judo chops!

To wake up and embrace a goal, and further to believe in it with the heart of a five-year old…

These are the moments that fill my soul and re-affirm that my daughters are my greatest teachers.

Amelia: Age 5  

Future Karate Sensei


Yes, it might have taken 8 takes and 47 giggles for her to balance on one foot to take this photo, but she’s chasing her dream.  Just look at that concentration painted across her face…



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